Hendrik’s Philosophy

Hendrik Varju

A word from Hendrik:

I set up this Loneliness Hotline when I started talking and writing with many friends after the pandemic started in Canada in March 2020. Some of these were closer friends while others were people I once knew superficially 30 years ago and had had no contact with since then. So some were virtual strangers, and yet we started to talk. What I soon noticed is that being cooped up in your home, even with your own family members, can still leave you incredibly lonely. Each person has certain mental challenges that even close friends or family might not understand. So I was told, over and over again, that speaking to a stranger is actually more effective! It goes against common sense. But as long as that stranger is a caring individual skilled in talking about emotional subjects, then it can be more effective than someone you know.

When you even try to talk about something important with a friend or family member, a single eye roll or a big sigh can immediately confirm that they are not going to be sympathetic at all. Not being sympathetic is bad enough, but being negative is even worse. As for my advice, I will never meet you and we will never be “friends” in the usual sense of the word. This is anonymous and confidential and you don’t even have to use your real name if you prefer not to. But I will possibly be the only person on earth you trust with your problems and secrets.

I am not a registered therapist or counsellor of any kind and I won’t pretend to be. I’m just an educated man who is emotionally connected in an unusually direct way. Trust me to pull your fears out of you and help you see the light. Even in the most chaotic and horrible life situation, there is light there somewhere. I’ll help you find it.